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Lazy Dog Lighting

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This High quality Table light is made from Australian hardwood and finished in Tung Oil, making it able to resist moisture while enhancing the natural beauty of the timber.

The High quality, state of the art led linear strip with a CRI of >90 gives superior light quality.

Touch sensitive dimming with memory allows the light to be finely controlled and turned on at the same level it was last operated.

The light is on a fixed stable base.

The light comes complete with a power supply touch on/off dimming control.

Cord length 2 metres approx.

The aluminium profile enhances the longevity of the led light source

The unique, grain, textures and beauty of the wood, give generations of pleasure.

High quality, state of the art led linear strip generates a energy efficient light source, complimenting years of service.

The light comes complete a power supply and touch on/off dimming control.

Cord length 2 metres.

Technical Specifications

Voltage: 24Vdc
Power: 5 Watts
Lumen Output 450 Lm
Led Chip: 2210
CCT: 3000
CRI> 90


Overall Height: 250mm
Width: 180mm

Here at lazy dog lighting we strive to create innovative and functioning lighting to enhance the living spaces and create a sense of belonging. Our use of natural timbers combines with the light source to add warmth and dimension to our built environment.

Our lives are filled with Geometric shapes  that subconsciously make us feel alive, with our lighting we try to create light and shadow aspects to help us feel connected to the space enhancing our wellbeing. 

The lights are designed and made with longevity and low maintenance in mind. We use top quality timbers and electrical components to maintain a high level of functionality.

We strive to create lighting that will continue to make the spaces we live in more comfortable and enjoyable.

ISBN: 2770010038079
Publication Date: 01-Apr-2020