Gunshot Road

Adrian Hyland

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Shortlisted FALS Colin Roderick Award, 2010.

Emily Tempest: small, black, snaky as a taipan's tooth. The woman least likely ever to embark on a career in policing. Until she becomes the Aboriginal Community Police Officer for the outback (not to mention throwback) township of Bluebush.

Her new boss is a martinet called Cockburn and, being allergic both to authority and to keeping her big mouth shut, Emily is immediately at odds with him. And when a death is reported at the Green Swamp Well Roadhouse things start to get complicated. Cockburn thinks it's a simple case of two old drunks and a hammer; Emily's not convinced.

Gunshot Roadis another irresistible read from Adrian Hyland, featuring all his comic brilliance and lyricism.

'Hugely entertaining...laconic warmth mixed with the old school wiseass of Raymond Chandler or George Pelecanos.' Sunday Age

ISBN: 9781921656309
Publication Date: 31-May-2010
Publisher: Text Publishing Company