Grace's Table

Sally Piper

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When three generations come together, simmering tensions from the past threaten to boil over. The one thing that no one can talk about is the one thing that no one can forget.

'A great idea and quite beautifully written -- especially the mouth-watering culinary descriptions' Daily Mail

'A tender, thought-provoking novel. It examines love and how we express it and reveals the corrosive effect that guilt can have on the whole family' WI Life Magazine

Grace has not had twelve people at her table for a long time. Hers isn't the kind of family who share regular Sunday meals. But it isn't every day you turn seventy.

As Grace prepares the feast, she reflects on her life, her marriage and her friendships.

'This incredible novel is not only a luscious and lyrical tribute to the power of food as a force to bring people together, it's also an insightful reflection on the dynamic and powerful nature of family relationships' Marjorie DeLuca

'A wise and tender novel about food, friendship and marriage' Kristina Olsson, author of Boy, Lost and Shell

'An emotional and uplifting look at how food brings families together' Eva Woods, author of How to be Happy

'I loved Grace's Table. Sally Piper makes the ordinary extraordinary in her finely observed and profoundly moving snapshot of a woman preparing to feed her family. The events of the day, and Grace's flashbacks to both happier and sadder times, show how the choosing, cooking and serving of food can say so much about the dynamics of our relationships. Love, comfort, power, control and secrecy are all bound up in the simple acts that Grace - and all of us - carry out unquestioningly. It's a delight to discover, in Grace's Table, a story that's so simple yet so deeply thought-provoking' Sarah Haywood, author of The Cactus

'This is a wonderful book reflecting on love, relationships, friendship and all of it centred around food' The Big Book Club

'The lovely simple gestures of cooking trigger intimate thoughts and memories. Piper captures all this with the deft touch of a home cook who understands the undercurrents that flavour the simplest domestic and social dynamics' Caroline Baum

ISBN: 9780702250040
Publication Date: 26-Mar-2014
Publisher: University of Queensland Press