Gorgeous Girl

Mary Pershall

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On February 10, 2017, there was a sentencing hearing for murder in the Victorian Supreme Court. The young woman in the dock, who sat quietly with her hands in her lap, had pale skin and light-brown hair tied back as neatly as a private school prefect's. When the judge asked her to confirm her plea, the young woman answered in a clear and polite voice. "Guilty, your Honor." That killer is Mary Pershall's beloved daughter, Anna. She is 28 years old, tall and beautiful, with an effervescent wit and a university degree in psychology. She also hears the voices of demons. After she finished uni, she just could not meet the demands of adulthood, and the voices became overwhelming. She attempted to silence them with alcohol, and weed, and the abuse of her prescribed medication. In the end, she resorted to ice. Award-winning author Mary K. Pershall brings a unique and insightful perspective to a story that is at once devastating and uplifting, and proves that a mother's love--even in its darkest hour--can shed light and provide hope to families in crisis.

ISBN: 9780143789925
Publication Date: 20-Aug-2018
Publisher: Penguin Random House