Goodbye to Berlin

Christopher Isherwood

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First published in 1934,Goodbye to Berlin has been popularized on stage and screen by Julie Harris inI Am a Camera and Liza Minelli inCabaret. Isherwood magnificently captures 1931 Berlin: charming, with its avenues and cafs; marvelously grotesque, with its nightlife and dreamers; dangerous, with its vice and intrigue; powerful and seedy, with its mobs and millionaires -- this was the period when Hitler was beginning his move to power.Goodbye to Berlin is inhabited by a wealth of characters: the unforgettable and "divinely decadent"Sally Bowles; plump Fraulein Schroeder, who considers reducing her Buste relieve her heart palpitations; Peter and Otto, a gay couple struggling to come to terms with their relationship; and the distinguished and doomed Jewish family, the Landauers.

ISBN: 9780749390549
Publication Date: 20-Sep-1997
Publisher: Penguin Random House