Good Girl Stripped Bare

Tracey Spicer

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A funny, forthright and, frankly, feminist memoir by one of Australia's best-known female TV journalists.

The story of a self-professed bogan and good girl from 'Deadcliffe' (Redcliffe), a working class backwater north of Brisbane, who, inspired by Jana Wendt, works her way up through the media ranks to become the national news reader for a major TV network, only to be sacked by email while on maternity leave. Having endured enough misogyny during her career to make even Tony Abbott blush, Tracey Spicer sheds her good girl image to take the network to court. A frank and blackly funny tale of the ups and downs of a career in TV if you're a woman, when male bosses tell you to 'Stick your tits out', 'Lose some weight' and 'You're too old'.

ISBN: 9780733335631
Publication Date: 24-Apr-2017
Publisher: ABC Books