Good Girl, Bad Girl

Michael Robotham

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Cyrus Haven is sometimes called 'the boy who survived'. At the age of thirteen, he came home from football practice to discover his older brother watching TV, resting his feet on their father's body. Their mother lay dead on the kitchen floor, his sisters hacked to death upstairs.

Twenty years on, Cyrus is now a forensic psychologist, working primarily for the police and the courts. When a fifteen-year-old girl Jodie Sanders is murdered, the police are under pressure to solve the crime quickly. Cyrus soon discovers that the angelic schoolgirl of the media frenzy was leading a secret life, and there are a number of suspects with reason to lie to the police.

When Cyrus is unwittingly thrown together with Evie Cormac, a young woman with an unusual ability to tell if someone is lying, they team up to uncover the horrifying truth behind the murder of Jodie Sanders.

ISBN: 9780733638053
Publication Date: 23-Jul-2019
Publisher: Hachette Australia