Robert McCrum

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'McCrum argues, brilliantly and provocatively, that England's greatest contribution to the world is English. The empire may be gone but Globish explains why the language still rules' Malcolm Gladwell

'Terrifically interesting' Wall Street Journal

Go anywhere in the world today and you'll see or hear English in some form. It may not necessarily be the Queen's English that you're hearing, but it is, nevertheless, a form of universally recognised English - it is Globish.

In his wonderfully witty and informative new book, Robert McCrum explores the curious history, vivacity and endurance of English and ponders why, while British and American empires have waxed and waned, the English language, freer from its moorings like never before, has quietly taken over the world.

'McCrum leaps with polymathic abandon from one discipline to another- lexicography, history, demography, linguistics, reportage' Jonathan Meades, Daily Telegraph

'Erudite, riveting, very funny, fascinating, astute, intrepid' New Statesman

'Impressive, crisply readable. McCrum covers the ground briskly and intelligently, studding his account with pleasing details' Financial Times

ISBN: 9780141027104
Publication Date: 26-May-2011
Publisher: Penguin Books, Limited