Nick Gadd

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Philip Trudeau, a once-respected investigative journalist, has stepped on the wrong toes in this cleverly plotted and tightly structured psychological thriller. With his health and personal life deteriorating, Philip is consigned to a suburban newspaper job where he writes trivial filler to be slotted in among the real estate and restaurant advertisements. When he's sent to cover what appears to be a tragic yet routine death at a level crossing, he is suddenly plunged into a world of political intrigue, business corruption, art theft, and betrayal. Delving deeply into the Australian art world of the 1950s and today, this multilayered mystery packs a strong narrative punch and contains a convincing central character whose own personal story is every bit as compelling as the mystery he inhabits.

ISBN: 9781921372049
Publication Date: 01-Sep-2008
Publisher: Scribe Publications