Albert Liebermann; Hector Garcia (Foreword by)

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Ganbatte! Keep going! "Ganbatte!" (Gan-ba-tay!) is a Japanese concept that means "Do your best! Keep going and never give up!" Behind it is a way of thinking as intrinsic to the Japanese as wabi sabi and ikigai. In Ganbatte! The Japanese Art of Always Moving Forward, Albert Liebermann takes you into the mindset that keeps the Japanese people ever-ready to give everything they've got to whatever they encounter-an exam, a sports game, preparing a meal, an ordinary day on the job. Fifty short and gentle chapters suggest simple ways of. adopting this approach for a happier, more fulfilling life-and a happier, more fulfilled self-covering topics such as: Sorting "difficult" from "impossible", Cultivating patience, Working mindfully and with a sense of social consciousness, And many more ways of fostering a spirit of ganbatte within ourselves Book jacket.

ISBN: 9784805316542
Publication Date: 09-Nov-2021
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing