Frugal Mediterranean Cooking

Melanie Lionello

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Fresh Mediterranean-Inspired Meals for Just 3 Dollars or Less Per Serving

Healthy eating doesn't need to be expensive or complicated with Melanie Lionello's nutritious and cost-effective Mediterranean-style recipes.

Melanie's wholesome recipes focus on staples of the Mediterranean diet such as fresh fruits and vegetables, plant-based proteins like legumes, grains and pulses in everyday meals, as well as plenty of good-for-you fats like olive oil, nuts and seeds. These amazingly simple meals are made up of only a few flavorful ingredients, so you'll keep your grocery store visits and budget to a minimum.

Up your weeknight meal game with tasty options like Gorgeous Green Pan Pizza, Ricotta Gnocchi and Lemon and Caper Fish Piccata. Add more bright, fresh vegetables to your diet in the tastiest way possible with Roasted Carrots with Honey and Za'tar and Baked Zucchini with Pangrattato. Indulge in Cozy Chicken Marbella or Turkish-Style Chicken Kebabs a few times a week, or savor Smoky Stuffed Peppers with Lamb Mince or Italian Pork Sausage and Sage Rigatoni for a special occasion. With these fresh and easy recipes, you can cook the Mediterranean way without breaking the bank or spending all night in the kitchen.

ISBN: 9781645672005
Publication Date: 15-Dec-2020
Publisher: Page Street Publishing Company