From Arsenic to Zirconium

Peter Davern

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93 short poems that teach the lay reader about the elements of the periodic table. An entertaining and informative collection for a general audience by a professor of chemical sciences.

93 short poems that teach about the elements of the periodic table.

Indulge your love of the periodic table with this collection of poems and fun facts about the chemical elements that make up our world. From arsenic to zirconium, this book describes the characteristics, history, and quirks of each element. The poems are a launching point for a guided tour of the elements filled with fascinating scientific trivia. For instance-

. Antimony, used to treat constipation in the Middle Ages, may have killed Mozart.
. There's arsenic in your prawns! (But don't worry, it won't harm you.)
. Erbium is used to "dope" optical fiber amplifiers that make your YouTube videos download faster.
. Iridium was key to the meteor theory of why dinosaurs went extinct.
. You'll find potassium in both bananas and gunpowder.
. Sulfur plays a role in whether your hair is curly or straight.

Expand your library of scientific literature with this playful and poetic romp through the periodic table.

ISBN: 9781718500273
Publication Date: 26-May-2020
Publisher: No Starch Press, Incorporated