Frankie's Drive-In OZPLOITATION

Aaron Harvie; Chris Badenoch (Artist, Designed by, Illustrator, Colorist (comics))

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Celebrating the drive-in culture and pre-code comics of the 1950's, ground-breaking 60's T.V. like The Twilight Zone and Outer Limits and the Exploitation films of the 1970's and 80's, Frankie's Drive-In Double Feature is an ode to those B-grade classic's filled with sensational violence, nudity, gore and mayhem. If you love Monster movies, Biker flicks, Carsploitation, Spacesploitation, Chambara, Giallo and Mondo films as well as Prison flicks, Vigilantes, Martial Arts, Slashers, Cannibals, Splatter, Revenge, Spaghetti Western's, Ninja, Punks, Sharks and Stoners then this comic series is for YOU!!! Each issue of the Frankie's Drive-In Double Feature delivers two more tales of the macabre.

ISBN: 9780645147704
Publication Date: 10-Apr-2021
Publisher: Badharvie