Frankie #79


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oh boy oh boy oh boy. we are very excited about frankie issue 79 – it’s been hard waiting this long to share it with you all!

the first thing that’s got us all abuzz is that beautiful floral cover by blue mountains-based lass edith rewa. it’s plastered with some of our favourite native blooms (and you’ll find fascinating facts about them inside the issue). also making our hearts skip a beat: loads of snuggly linen for your bed; a house full of handmade furniture in phnom penh; and a swish-looking collection of vintage hand mirrors. we touch on neighbourly relationships, stepping outside your comfort zone, and learn some (occasionally on-the-nose) 17th-century lingo. 

there’s plenty of wisdom to go round as well – from older folks imparting the secret to a happy life to creative types sharing their literary tips. add to that an ode to specs, a clothing label based in katherine and plenty of eye-pleasing snaps, and you’ve got yourself a hefty dose of frankie goodness.

ISBN: 2770010025512