Four & Sons Issue 4


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In our (almost) eponymous issue, we learn about musical canine freestyle, the powerful snouts of a working dog, and how to turn a debilitating ‘black dog’ into a positive force. We talk to creatives about ruddy pit bulls, homeless mutts, hyperactive sheep dogs, and a pooch named after the Basque word for ‘friend’. We read about what goes on inside a dog’s mind, get wise tips about the perils of dog walking, and laugh out loud about the one mutt that truly ‘ate my homework’. We marvel at London’s love affair for all four-legged breeds, and get inspired by Irish wolfhounds, collages, goofy Weimaraners, and a very creative use of Post-its. All this, and more, inside the covers.

Featuring: Ally Capellino, Bego Antón, Architecture for Dogs, Morad Bouchakour, Wayne Coyne , Dogs Best Man, Found My Animal, Hostem, Alexandra Horowitz, Samuel Jurcic, Javier Mendizábal, Morrison Hotel Gallery, Bianca Pilet, Aaron Ruff, Ruth van Beek, Patricia van de Camp, Erin Wasson and William Wegman.

Contributors: Winnie Au, Jonah Bayer, Wilfred Brandt, Curtis Buchanan, Andie Cusick, Karen Day, Elliot Freeman, James Geer, Emma Guthrie, Jane Helpern, Brodie Lancaster, Max Olijnyk, Steve Ryan, Nadia Saccardo, Jessa Shields, Robert Skinner, Sinead Stubbins, Wendy Syfret, Emma Tucker, Kimberly M. Wang.

ISBN: 2770010017562
Publication Date: 01-Nov-2015