Feeding the Birds at Your Table

Darryl Jones

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Feeding the Birds at Your Table is designed to provide detailed, comprehensive advice and suggestions for people wishing to feed wild birds in Australia from their own backyards and balconies. Millions of Australians feed wild birds in their gardens, yet there is currently little information or advice to tell them how to do this properly. This book provides the first readily available source of reliable information relevant to Australia. What's more, it is written by an expert who feeds birds himself. Including profiles on different types of Australian urban birds, what to feed them, and the types of feeders to use, it also features advice on how to create a bird-friendly garden. Feeding the Birds at Your Table offers sensible and practical suggestions so feeding doesn't only benefit us, but benefits the birds themselves.

ISBN: 9781742236322
Publication Date: 01-Oct-2019
Publisher: NewSouth Publishing