Everything Happens for a Riesling

Grace De Morgan

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Everything Happens for a Riesling is the wine book that says boo to acting like a snob. It's your ultimate guide to hacking the world of vino. Grace De Morgan is here to help you get more of the wine experiences you want, minus the pretentiousness.

This is a toolkit, not a textbook - a cheat sheet for all the vino-related questions you didn't realise you had. I mean, where do you store wine if you don't have a cellar? Who (or what) is Gew3rztraminer? Are decanters a thing?

Whether you can't tell your RosU from your Riesling or are busy studying to be a Master Sommelier,Everything Happens for a Rieslinghas got something to make you go 'Mmm, more please.'

ISBN: 9780143788850
Publication Date: 29-Oct-2018
Publisher: Random House Australia