Every Stranger's Eyes

Ben Randall

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Young women on the border between Vietnam and China find themselves caught between a violent custom and a vicious criminal underworld...

The multi-award-winning documentary 'Sisters for Sale' is an incredible true story of hope, courage, and freedom. 'Every Stranger's Eyes' tells the first four amazing years of that story.

Following the mysterious abductions of his local friends May and Pang, an Australian filmmaker returns to Vietnam determined to do everything he can to find and help them.

'Every Stranger's Eyes' is a powerful and deeply personal account illustrating the importance of direct action and the dangers of losing sight of what you believe in.

This edition includes a message by Michael Brosowski, founder and CEO of Blue Dragon Children's Foundation. All sales help fund the fight against human trafficking.

ISBN: 9780648757313
Publication Date: 17-Mar-2020
Publisher: Human, Earth Project Pty Limited, The