The Empty Chair

Bruce Wagner

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Composed of two companion novellas, The Empty Chair is a profound, heart-wrenching piece of spiritual storytelling from Bruce Wagner, the internationally acclaimed author of such novels as Dead Stars, I'm Losing You, and Force Majeure. In First Guru, a fictional Wagner narrates the tale of a Buddhist living in Big Sur, who achieves enlightenment in the horrific aftermath of his child's suicide. In Second Guru, Queenie, an aging wild child, returns to India to complete the spiritual journey of her youth. Told in ravaged, sensuous detail to the author-narrator by two strangers on opposite sides of the country, years apart from each other, both stories illuminate the random, chaotic nature of human suffering and the miraculous strength of the human spirit. A deeply affecting and meditative reading experience, The Empty Chairis an exquisitely rendered, thought-provoking, and humbling new work.

Praise for Bruce Wagner

'Wagner shamelessly writes with his heart on his sleeve, daring his readers to be so callous as to question fiction's ability to imagine the impossible.' John Freeman, The Boston Globe

'There are few writers capable of escorting us more convincingly into a character's tender, gnarled mind . . . . Every page contains something statically electric enough to scorch the hair from your arms.' Tom Bissell, GQ

' He takes great pains to endow his . . . creations with detailed and vivid inner lives, in which even the shallowest circumstances are transformed into high-stakes questions of spiritual life and death.' Chris Lehmann, The Washington Post Book World

'He is a visionary posing as a farceur.' Salman Rushdie

'Wagner delineates his characters with such sympathy and verve, such a sharp eye . . . that they become palpable human beings, real in their griefs and yearnings and illusions.' Michiko Kakutani, The New York Times

ISBN: 9780399165887
Publication Date: 20-Dec-2013
Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group