El Jefe

Alan Feuer

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Marston and Potash plugged in Guzman's name wherever the PIN appeared, and a whole new world emerged. They read about the kingpin's home renovations and the plastic surgeries he had purchased for his mistresses. There were glimpses of his lawyers, his pilots, his father-in-law, even of his young wife, Emma Coronel, giving voice to their twin infant daughters, Kiki and Emali. 2:07 p.m.: I want my little princesses here to fix my meals. 2:08 p.m.: Yes, daddy. What do you want us to make you? Enchiladas? Or maybe it's best if mommy makes them for you, after all, it was her enchiladas that made you fall in love with her. Surfacing from all of this, Marston and Potash were dazzled. They had jumped into the FlexiSPY data thinking they would come out with a negative of the kingpin. Instead, they had stumbled onto what amounted to a high-resolution color portrait. It simply hadn't occurred to them that the programs malware would have picked up Guzmn's own texts along with those of all of his many targets. But there they were, exposed for all to see and still stored in the system. The two of them could not believe their luck-or his stupidity. In his fits of suspicion, Guzmn had managed the impossible. By wiretapping everyone around him, he had accidentally wiretapped himself. Book jacket.

ISBN: 9781760857158
Publication Date: 02-Sep-2020
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Australia