Eating My Grandmother

Krissy Kneen

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I pick a grain of her, stolen from the urn place it on my tongue. Her body. My blood. She lodges in me. Bereft after her grandmother's death, Krissy Kneen began writing these poems in an attempt to make sense of her loss. This powerful work offers a kaleidoscope of fitful dreams, tender memories and heart-struck musings that shine new light on our own mortality. 'Raw and exhilarating, Eating My Grandmother embodies the visceral paradox of grief.' Kristina Olsson 'At once exquisitely sensitive and blazing with wit and experimentation, Kneen re-imagines elegiac poetry.' Judges' Comments, Thomas Shapcott Poetry Prize

ISBN: 9780702253744
Publication Date: 24-Jun-2015
Publisher: University of Queensland Press