Eat Me

Linda Jaivin; Krissy Kneen (Introduction by)

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After Eat Me, lust, laughter and chocolate ice cream will never be the same again.

With her brilliant wit and silky prose, Linda Jaivin creates a wickedly funny romp through the undergrowth of female desire.

Eat Metells the story of four women living in Sydney in the mid-nineties. Julia is a photographer. Chantal edits a fashion magazine. Helen is a feminist academic. And Philippa is writing a novel. The best of friends, they haunt the designer cafes of Darlinghurst, eyeing the passing talent and swapping stories.

Sexy, intelligent and predatory, these women are creatures of their times, as are the men in their lives - Jake the 'slacker gigolo', Marc the wannabe feminist and Mengzhong the Beijing sword-swallower. But can we believe their wild and wicked descriptions of their erotic exploits?

Linda Jaivinworked and studied in Taiwan, Hong Kong and mainland China before settling in Sydney as a writer and translator. Her four novels include the international best-seller Eat Me; Rock n Roll Babes from Outer Space; Miles Walker, You're Dead; and Dead Sexy. She is co-editor of New Ghosts, Old Dreams: Chinese Rebel Voices, and the author of non-fiction titles Confessions of an S&M Virgin, and The Monkey and the Dragon.

'Erotic escapism at its best, with a touch of humour and a touch of class; a blend of fetishism, fun and kiwi fruit!' New Woman

'Jaivin never loses sight of her self-declared goal, which is to wrench the writing of erotica from its male practitioners, dress it up with style and sly humour and restore it to women.' Jonathan Kirsch, LA Times

ISBN: 9781922079817
Publication Date: 21-Nov-2012
Publisher: Text Publishing Company