Earthly Delights

Julianne Schultz

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"Griffith Reviewonce again turns its attention to the fast-growing novella form with its annual edition dedicated to the five winning entries from our fourth novella competition. Past editions have featured both outstanding established writers, and emerging talent, with some novellas going on to be developed into published novels. The novellas that emerge from our competition, Cate Kennedy writes, are 'short enough to consume like a single satisfying meal, long enough to linger over with coffeea(they) deliver us into worlds we don't expect and have a hard time forgetting. For sheer invention and range, the authors showcase the vitality and scope of the short form to create dynamic, visceral and memorable worlds.' Or, as British author David Mitchell commented- 'I like the length of a novellaaIt's short enough to be a getaway car from the cops of boredom.'"

ISBN: 9781925355543
Publication Date: 31-Oct-2016
Publisher: Text Publishing Company