Drifting Clouds

Edgar Gary

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This is the story of Tran Van Tuan, a Vietnamese man struggling to survive through wars, six decades of hardship, and the ever-present threat of death, so he could realise his dreams. 

Born in North Vietnam during World War II, Tuan is abandoned in infancy by his father. The family is forced to flee the post-war fighting between the returned French colonialists and the Viet Minh nationalists. A harrowing period as refugees ends with the defeat of the French and the family exodus to Saigon. 

Journey with Tuan through the desperate years of what the Vietnamese call "the American War," the death of his beloved mother, his fight to educate himself and rise above poverty, his eventual marriage, and the chaos and drama of the fall of Saigon to the Communists. 

Tuan clings to the dream of freedom as he faces the threat of execution, forced labour camps, the collapse of his marriage, and a final daring escape by boat that almost ends in death. 

Repatriated to Australia from a Malaysian refugee camp, he strives against the odds once again to fulfil his destiny as an artist, committed to portraying the sufferings of his generation through his visionary canvases.

Compelling, courageous, and immensely touching, The Drifting Clouds speaks simply, yet eloquently of the indomitable nature of the human spirit that sustains hope even in the darkest hours.

ISBN: 9781948260367
Publication Date: 01-May-2018