Don't Call Us Carnies

Norma Brophy (As told to); Wendy Stuart

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"In this vibrant, uproarious and poignant memoir, multi-talented showbiz matriarch Norma Brophy comes out of retirement to reveal a world of interest ot many but understood by few. As a born and bred show person, Norma is intimately aware of the glittering highs and tragic lows of a people who have brought awe and wonder to generations of Australians. With pizzazz and passion, Norma paints a vivid picture of Austrlaian show culture form the past 100 years, playing ringmaster to a cavalcade of unforgettable characters and places that have helped form the story of her own record-breaking, death-defying family as well as countless other travelling show people, circus and rodeo folk. Their exploits and ingenuity will leave you cheering for more"--Publishers description.

ISBN: 9781922626851
Publication Date: 25-Jan-2022
Publisher: Affirm Press