DNA Is You!

Beatrice the Beatrice the Biologist

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Did you know your sense of purpose is determined by your genes? And that DNA determines your reaction to poison ivy, and maybe even your sex drive? Find out why-and how-with DNA Is You! Let Beatrice the Biologist take you on a journey to explore your entirely unique DNA sequence. Learn how DNA contains all the stories of our past, linking us to our deepest roots-all the way back to our ancient ancestors (some of whom were human, others who were not). Discover the future of genetics through easy-to-follow explanations paired with quirky cartoons. Our genetic connections to every other living thing on the entire planet may sound like serious business, but that doesn't mean we have to take it so seriously. So let's put our feet up and discuss DNA drama, gardening-crazed monks, and superpowers. Because that is what genetics is really all about. Book jacket.

ISBN: 9781721400171
Publication Date: 08-Jan-2019
Publisher: Adams Media Corporation

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