Dizzy Limits

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When conventional approaches to writing about real people, real events and real experiencesfall short of capturing the truth, it's time to get experimental. Using unorthodox style, voice,point-of-view and form, experimental nonfiction upends the rote to find new ways ofconveying meaning. It defamiliarises the familiar and exposes the pulsating, dizzying limitsof writing.Featuring pieces that explore: the body and its relationship to the world, climate change, theconnection of First Nations people to land, trans motherhood, leeches, computers pretendingto be humans, and so much more, Dizzy Limits collects the very best examples ofexperimental nonfiction from Australia's most intellectually ambitious and creatively curiouswriters.With contributions from Nolle Janaczewska, Jean Bachoura, Ellen van Neerven, JessieBerry-Porter, W.J.P. Newnham, Bella Klaver, Amanda Stewart, Eloise Grills, OscarSchwartz, Lucy Van, Rebecca Giggs, Evelyn Araluen, Tess Pearson, Quinn Eades, VivienneCutbush, Holly Childs, Oliver Reeson, Sophia O'Rourke, Nikkola Mikocki-Bleeker, HarrySaddler, Elena Gomez, Autumn Royal, Stephanie Guest and Kate Riggs.

ISBN: 9781925704259
Publication Date: 15-Nov-2020
Publisher: Brow Books