Daily Mail Kurosu Volume 1

Daily Mail

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Love Sudoku? Can't resist a crossword?

Try out Kurosu, the latest Daily Mail puzzle. Highly addictive and utterly engaging, this is the fun alternative to Sudoku!


There are only two rules:
1: Fill in each space with either a nought or a cross so there are no more than two consecutive noughts or crosses in any row or column. Important note: diagonals don't count.

2: Each row and column must contain three noughts and three crosses.


Sounds easy, doesn't it? Think again! This book might look simple, but it's deceptively hard - it's the ultimate test of logic.

From easy and medium level, to the highest difficulty rated, Daily Mail Kurosu Volume 1 will offer hours of puzzling fun.

Perfect for both single players and groups!

ISBN: 9780600636823
Publication Date: 07-May-2020
Publisher: Octopus Publishing Group