Cosmos Magazine: Spring 2018

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Octopus intelligence by Elizabeth FinkelOctopus intelligence is legendary. They use tools, sneak out of their aquariums, and some philosophers think they have consciousness.How did they these close cousins of the snail, rejig their brains to achieve intelligence. Clues comes from reading their DNA. It turns out they have more genes that we do, and many of them appear to be used by brain cells.Plastic choked planet by Michael LucyPlastic waste is choking the planet. Can science solve the problem? We take a look at new technologies designed to make plastic melt away.Hydrogen by Cathal O?ConnellHydrogen powers the stars and the Sun, but here on Earth its contribution to our energy needs has been negligible. After years of talk, industry and governments around the world are gearing up to give it a run. Produced from solar electricity and water, clean hydrogen can be used to store electricity, heat our houses and run large vehicles such as long-distance trains, interstate trucks and international shipping. The only waste product is pure water vapour.Solving cancer- a profile of Harold Varmus by Elizabeth FinkelHe won the Nobel prize in 1989 for supposedly cracking the mystery of cancer- it was caused by rogue genes. But twenty years later, it seems cancer continues to defy Nanosats Mars (IEEE)Diminutive cube satellites are all the rage because they are cheap to launch. But they are only powerful enough to beam messages form Earth orbits. The next generation being built now for Mars missions, will be powerful enough to beam back from Mars and other planets.

ISBN: 9781760640576
Publication Date: 11-Sep-2018
Publisher: Schwartz Publishing Pty, Limited