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Athletes get creative to increase their limits by Rick Lovett

"People at the top of their game redefine their craft", says Andy Walshe, the Australian who heads the Red Bull High Performance Program, and advises the Australian Swim team. With the Commonwealth Games upon us, we drill into Walshe's ideas for hacking human performance.

Synthetic life forms offer green solutions by James Mitchell Crow

In 2010 Craig Venter's lab in the US were the first to make an artificial bacterium; now a global consortium is on the way to making a synthetic yeast. It's the stuff of science fiction but it might solve some of the world's most pressing problems by producing biofuels and non-polluting plastics. Cosmos looks at how Australia's is capturing the opportunity.

The quantum internet is coming. But what is it? by Michael Lucy

By 2030 a China-le quantum internet will be a reality, according to head honcho Pan Jianwei. Exploiting the enigmatic entanglement of single particles of light, the technology promises unhackable communications and cloud-based quantum computing. Cosmos digs in with Australian scientists at the cutting edge.

Science to save the reef by Elizabeth Finkel

Bleaching events in 2016 and 2017 devastated reefs around the world affecting some two thirds of the Great Barrier Reef. Losing reefs doesn't just devastate local tourism; corals are fish nurseries so distant fisheries also crash. Australia is exploring ways to rescue the reef ranging from fast breeding programs for genetically tougher corals, to installing local underwater fans at tourist sites.

The source of all evils by Dyani Lewis

Cancer, dementia, heart disease, ageing - researchers are blaming "inflammation" for all them. How can this be? Dyani Lewis goes exploring.

ISBN: 9781760640538
Publication Date: 05-Apr-2018
Publisher: Schwartz Publishing Pty, Limited