Corporal Hitler's Pistol

Thomas Keneally

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After an affluent matron of Kempsey, NSW spots a young black boy who looks just like her big man in town husband, not only does she scream for divorce, attempt to provide a comfortable life for the child and turn her life around but the whole town seems drawn into chaos.A hero of the First World War has a fit at the cinema and is taken to a psychiatric ward in Sydney, his Irish farm hand ends up dead, and the gay piano-playing veteran who is secret friend to many in the town, is implicated. Corporal Hitler's Pistol speaks to the never-ending war that began with 'the war to end all wars'. Hitler's pistol from the First World War continues to traumatise our war hero, his son takes it and it becomes the murder weapon of an Irishman escaping the Irish wars.Rural towns and societies have always been a melting pot and many communities are happy to accept the differences of people ... as long as they don't overstep. Set in a town and community he knows very well, Tom Keneally tells a compelling story of the interactions and relationships between black and white Australians in early 20th century Australia.

ISBN: 9781760893224
Publication Date: 31-Aug-2021
Publisher: Random House Australia