Contemporary Worlds Indonesia

National Gallery of Australia

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Charting the turbulent post-Reformasi period in Indonesia from the fall of Suharto in 1998 to the present, Contemporary Worlds: Indonesia explores the vibrant and complex art of Australia's closest neighbour.

Showcasing 20 of the most exciting emerging and established artists from Bali and Java's key artistic centres of Bandung, Yogyakarta and Jakarta this book explores concepts ranging from sexuality, gender roles and family to environmental concerns, the art market, material and form, the everyday object and how we might listen to and learn from the sounds of Indonesia.

 Captivating painting, sculpture, installation, moving image, photography, textiles, live performance and film reflect the social and political change negotiated by Indonesia over the past 20 years. The publication is in English and Bahasa Indonesia.

ISBN: 9780642334817
Publication Date: 01-Jun-2019
Publisher: National Gallery of Australia