Coming Together

Baulch Annette & Sudholz Graeme

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In a world where sustainable relationships seem to be an increasingly unattainable goal join Annette Baulch and Graeme Sudholz for not only the launch of their book Coming Together, but also for a revealing and possibly even fun discussion about the current state of intimate relationships.

Coming Together is a definitive, no apologies roadmap for those couples committed to seeking deeply satisfying sex and the best in their relationships that will spark a juicy discussion about what really does go on behind closed doors. Annette and Graeme won’t just speak to their audience but they will also communicate a message that will get them talking, long after the event has finished.

They’ll show people how normal they are, no matter how flawed they might feel. Audiences will be intrigued, curious, a little shocked and most of all inspired. With the knowledge and skills they have gained in their business, they share stories, strategies and techniques to create and nurture successful intimate relationships.

Their solution-based book provides real answers for those moments when things don’t go to plan, or even where they fall apart. It normalises any struggles couples might be going through without blame and offers solid and lasting tools to take them into increasing clarity and sustainable love.

Coming Together provides the roadmap for:

· Insights and suggestions to help couples fall in love with and desire each other over and over again

· Making love to become a place of safety, connection and life sustaining pleasure

· A simple ABC practice to help couples grow closer together, rather than apart, during times of challenge

· Practical yet powerful activities that keep couples uncovering and discovering each other for a lifetime, so that loving and sexual desire does not automatically need to fade. 

ISBN: 9780648114604
Publication Date: 01-Feb-2019