Collisions: Fictions of the Future:an Anthology of Australian Writers Ofcolour

Leah Jing McIntosh

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This collection of short stories showcases some of the best work that Australian literature has to offer in this new decade. Featuring work from both emerging and established writers of colour, the stories in Collisions transcend genre and experiment with style. They are necessary reading for everybody with an interest in the future of fiction and our planet. Although many of these visions are dystopic, the quality of their writers is something the future has to look forward to.
What does the future hold? Collisions prods at what it means for each author, and while many will come to expect speculative fiction at surface level, the breadth of imagination transcends these boundaries. From an account of a tense dinner party amidst impending signs of climate catastrophe; to a playful fable about a father turning his family backyard into a graveyard; and an irreverent yet thoughtful tale of a gang of activists planning an attack on ASIO drones in a Kyle Sandilands government, these stories are experimental, genre-bending and lucid.
Collisions presents a diverse collection of work that have often been ignored or elided in a time where marginalised voices are still unheard. It exists to re-centre the voices of writers of colour and to encourage dynamic narratives, to bring about a more robust literary landscape in Australia's future. Contributors include- Claire G. Coleman, Elizabeth Flux, Bobuq Sayed, Bryant Apolonio, Mykaela Saunders, and more.
"Time and time again the beginning point to access minority writing is the deficit. The reader asks the minority writer of their authentic experiences, the reader asks how does this work appeal to their hegemonic gaze? What excites me about Collisions, is that the writers are centring themselves. Both emerging and more established writers are playing with form. And it excites me to read genre work that still speaks to the anxieties and pain of the subject position - whether that be first nations, diaspora, queer or gender diverse. The content in this publication represents a step forward for minority writing in the Australian literary landscape." Peter Polites
"For me and so many others, LIMINAL has beautifully and deftly showcased players in the Australian arts scene that are so often overlooked, but arguably constitute its beating heart. What a goddamn joy they're now doing the same for fiction." Ben Law
"Harmonious but discordant, language stretched and challenged. You are moved through spaces of tender familiarity and dissonances. Each writer brings their own rhythm, contained with the beautiful subtleties we look for in fiction. Woven through is a fabric of complex characters and yielding interpretations of the short story form. With each story being a container for separate heartbreaks and epiphanies." Jamie Marina Lau
"This is something of a first- voices from the other side of the racial imaginary coming to life with surprising insight, authenticity and innovation." Brian Castro

ISBN: 9780648795186
Publication Date: 03-Nov-2020
Publisher: Pantera Press