Coconut Water and Coconut Oil

Catherine Atkinson

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Hydrating, nourishing and versatile, coconut water is theultimate health-boosting drink and cooking ingredient and, together with coconut 'miracle' oil, can be used to turbochargeyour food's nutritional value. This beautiful newbook explores the astonishing and varied benefits of thehumble coconut, from its history and uses to a directoryof all the different coconut products - explaining how toprepare and cook them, as well as their benefits for ourhearts, immunity and overall health. It also includes 70illustrated recipes for Drinks and Breakfasts; Soups; Snacksand Salads, Main Courses, Desserts and Baking, withcomplete nutritional information given for every one. - Outlines the many benefits of coconut, from aidingweight loss and helping to keep our hearts healthy toboosting our immune systems and rehydrating our bodiesafter exercise. - Includes a directory of coconut products along withstep-by-step techniques for: preparing young and maturecoconuts and their flesh; making your own coconut milk, cream, butter and flour; and a range of coconut recipes, such as risotto, ceviche, salad dressing, pastry and frosting. - 70 delectable dishes made with coconut products.

ISBN: 9780754830603
Publication Date: 18-Jan-2015
Publisher: Anness Publishing