Clock on to Health

Jost Sauer; Leon Fitzpatrick (Illustrator)

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Clock On To Health is an entertaining and original handbook. It is both a lifestyle medicine how-to and a self-help guide. It repackages a core concept of Chinese medicine - the daily cycle of chi through the organs - into a beautifully simple daily routine that fights symptoms and boosts health. It offers an intelligent and sustainable lifestyle that is aimed specifically at preventing and addressing the symptoms of the new global health crisis: lifestyle disease. The book adapts ancient health insights of traditional Chinese medicine for the 21st century reader. Each chapter introduces one of the 12 organs of traditional Chinese medicine as a character illustrating that organ's function. This enables the reader to understand the connection between lifestyle and organ health. The book outlines the best times (from the perspective of organ health) for all normal daily activities, from snacks to social media to sleep, to make the reader's lifestyle their best medicine. It offers a delightful 24 hour journey through the internal world or the organs and is packed with practical tips on the healthiest foods, the most efficient exercises, and the key to work/life balance. The author, Jost Sauer, is faced daily with patients who are confused and fearful about their health. They don't know where to turn to or what advice to follow. They have lost faith in mainstream medicine, are over-medicated and miserable and on the road to lifestyle disease. They have lost hope. This is a snapshot of the global health meltdown. Clock On To Health offers the antidote to lifestyle disease. Jost has distilled centuries of Chinese medicine knowledge on the movement of chi in the body, and its healing properties, down to a daily routine accessible to everyone. The book is equally informed by his decades of experience as an acupuncturist and therapist. The advice it offers supports Western medicine, honours the spirit of Chinese medicine and delivers practical lifestyle-based solutions for hundreds of precursor symptoms for lifestyle disease. It empowers each reader to take charge of their health and build happy lives.

ISBN: 9780975725832
Publication Date: 24-May-2019
Publisher: Jost\\Sauer