Chaser's Guide to Bad Parenting

The Chaser

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Forget Baby Love. The Chaser has written the definitive guide to parenting in the modern age. Jam packed with 100 pages of spurious information. Including-

- Why you shouldn't become a parent in the first place?
- How to get pregnant- turning sex into something dull and lifeless
- Pregnancy Wine Guide
- 9 months of bliss- one woman's infuriatingly unrepresentative experience of pregnancy
- Who needs sleep- The first six months
- The Toddler Years- A guide to making money on Instagram by exploiting the cuteness of your child
- Pre-school- An illustrated guide to making your partner do most of the work
- Primary School age- The Best (Drug-Free) Years of Their Life
- High School- How to Apply for Special Consideration
- Will They Ever Move Out? A Guide to Your Child's 20s and 30s.
- Middle-Age- Why everything wrong with their lives is your fault

Also includes a bonus do-it-yourself Last Will and Testament, to let you cut your children out of their inheritance in 3 easy steps!

ISBN: 9781863959742
Publication Date: 13-Apr-2017
Publisher: Schwartz Publishing Pty, Limited