Chaser Quarterly: Issue 11

The Chaser

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Want to know how to get the best angle on a selfie while you desecrate a sacred monument in a distant foreign land? Wondering how to drive a hard bargain with street vendors to stop yourself being ripped off in the poorest regions on the planet? Need to work out which natural wonders to visit first, before they're destroyed by humankind's follies?

The Chaser Quarterly's Travel Edition gives you all the travel tips that other publications, like Lonely Planet, are too "politically correct" to give you. This full colour, 64 page edition is packed full of the advice that your racist uncle would probably give if he was travelling with you. Covers all the major continents plus a special 8-page advertorial sponsored by the Nauru Tourism Board.

ISBN: 9781760640484
Publication Date: 26-Feb-2018
Publisher: Schwartz Publishing Pty, Limited