Louise Milligan

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In 2018 Cardinal George Pell, Australia's most powerful Catholic, was found guilty of five sexual crimes against children and sentenced to six years' jail. He was the most senior Catholic figure in the world to be charged by police and convicted of child sex offences.

George Pell was a Ballarat boy who studied at Oxford and rose through the Catholic Church ranks to become adviser to Pope Francis and Vatican treasurer. He was expelled from the Pope's inner circle.

As an outspoken defender of Church orthodoxy, supported and championed by the powerful, Pell's ascendancy was seemingly unstoppable.

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Abuse brought to light horrific stories about abuse of the most vulnerable. Pell portrayed himself as the first man in the Catholic Church to tackle the problem.

But questions about what the Cardinal knew, and when, persisted.

Louise Milligan pieces together decades of disturbing activities highlighting Pell's actions and cover-ups. The book is a testament to the most intimate stories of complainants. Many people entrusted their secrets to be told here for the first time.

Multi-award winning Cardinal reveals uncomfortable truths about a culture of entitlement, abuse of trust and how ambition can silence evil.

ISBN: 9780522875997
Publication Date: 28-Mar-2019
Publisher: Melbourne University Publishing