Can We Trust America?: a Superpower in Transition: Australian Foreign Affairs 8

Jonathan Pearlman

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"As the United States needs Australia more, we have the chance - and the obligation - to shape the alliance in our interests. Instead, we have become less questioning and more compliant with each presidential tweet." MICHAEL WESLEY

The eighth issue of Australian Foreign Affairs examines the changing status of the United States as its dominance in the Asia-Pacific faces challenge from China and its "America First" foreign policy marks a shift away from global engagement.

Can We Trust America?looks at the uncertainties for Australia as questions arise about the commitment of its closest ally.

Michael Wesleycalls for an alliance makeover as China's ambition puts US-Australian ties under strain.

Felicity Rubydelves into the uses and consequences of America's intelligence and surveillance facilities in Australia.

Brendan Taylorexplores how the United States can strengthen its position in a contested Asia.

Kelly Magsamenreports from America on how it can preserve and enhance its role as a great power.

John Blaxlandproposes a compact with our Pacific island neighbours.

Helen Clarkreflects on the role of foreign policy advisers.

Jacinta Carrollprobes the making of Australia's security state.

PLUSCorrespondence on AFA7- China Dependencefrom Luke Gosling, Jane Orton, Alison Broinowskiand more.

ISBN: 9781760641771
Publication Date: 17-Feb-2020
Publisher: Schwartz Publishing Pty, Limited