Gordon Parker; Gabriela Tavella; Kerrie Eyers

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The first complete guide to burnout, based on groundbreaking research. It shows how you can tell whether you really have burnout and helps you shape a strategy for recovery that will work for you.

Are you always exhausted? Unable to feel for others or for life's pleasures? Find it hard to concentrate and take in what you read? You may have burnout.

Burnout is widespread among high achievers in the workplace, in business and in caring professions like health and teaching. Parents with new babies and those caring for the elderly and people with disabilities are also at risk. Although burnout is so common, it's often undiagnosed or misdiagnosed - most commonly as depression.

Drawing on groundbreaking research, this audiobook hands you the tools to work out whether you have burnout - or not. The good news? It is possible to recover from even severe burnout. The authors show you how to recognise your own burnout pattern, how far you have travelled into burnout territory and provide a broad-based management approach to help you regain your spark and build your resilience.

Burnout is a complete guide for anyone who suspects they may have burnout, for their families, for health professionals and employers.

'I cried reading parts of this book. Profoundly insightful, with information that is superbly liberating about a phenomenon that imprisons too many of us. Highly recommended.'
Dr Sonia Henry, bestselling author of Going Under

'Burnout doesn't have to mean the end of your career.'
Alice Cooney, Principal Solicitor, Office of Public Prosecutions Victoria

ISBN: 9781760878061
Publication Date: 02-Jul-2021
Publisher: Allen & Unwin