Burning Down

Venero Armanno

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What if you had one last chance to make amends? Award-winning novelist Venero Armanno returns with a gripping novel about the high price of success.

Charlie Smoke is living out his early retirement from the boxing ring as a bricklayer. It is the mid-1970s and he believes his best days are behind him. He?s lost his wife and daughter to his questionable past, but when he meets Holly Banks and her teenage son, Ricky, he has a chance to do things differently. As an unlikely friendship develops with Ricky, Charlie is unwittingly pulled back into the gambling underworld he thought he?d left behind. In order to make a new future, first he must help settle some old scores. Burning Down is a searing new novel from acclaimed storyteller Venero Armanno about family, regret, love and the promise of salvation.

ISBN: 9780702259708
Publication Date: 28-Aug-2017
Publisher: University of Queensland Press