Buried Not Dead

Fiona McGregor

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Buried Not Dead is a collection of essays on art, literature and performance, sexuality, activism and the life of the city. It features writers, artists, dancers, tattooists and DJs, some of them famous, like Marina Abramovi and Mike Parr, others, like Latai Taumoepeau, Lanny K and Kathleen Mary Fallon, unjustly overlooked. The portraits of these figures and the scenes they inhabit present an intimate and expansive archive of a world rarely recorded in our histories.Fiona McGregor is an award-winning novelist and performance artist with a deep involvement in the worlds she represents. She came of age as an artist during an outpouring of performative queer creativity, in a community that celebrated subversion, dissent and uninhibited partygoing, and in her writing she observes the shift from that moment to new forms of cultural repression. McGregor is a participant in her essays as well as a witness - she sees through an artist's eyes and records what she perceives with a novelist's insight.

ISBN: 9781925818604
Publication Date: 01-Feb-2021
Publisher: Giramondo Publishing Company