Breaking the Boundaries

Yvonne Allen (Editor); Joy Noble (Editor)

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What makes an activist? What makes one person speak out against injustice while another will be content to get angry at the TV news? What makes the activist so determined to make her or his voice heard, often against powerful odds? This book looks for answers in the personal stories of 46 Australians, young and old, fighting to be heard in a range of areas including human rights, gender issues, and the environment.

'Being an activist is about being more than yourself. It is about creating a better world.' - Khadija Gbla, cross-cultural activist

'In my time as an activist, I have learned two main things: do what you are able to do, and never lose heart.' - Julian Burnside, barrister, human rights and refugee advocate, and author

'Words have been my principle weapon of choice.' - Anne Layton-Bennett, environmental activist

'We know instinctively if something is unfair or wrong. The greatest challenge is how to change that idea into the courage, passion and wisdom that enables us to act to make a change for the better.' Jim Douglas, community activist

ISBN: 9781743054185
Publication Date: 15-May-2016
Publisher: Wakefield Press Pty, Limited