Brain, Body, Food

Ngaire Hobbins

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This unique book delivers the latest science in nutrition, ageing and dementia risk reduction in everyday language - so you can enjoy the life you had planned for the years ahead.

You will learn food and life choices crucial to preventing avoidable physical and cognitive decline and the stark difference between those at 40 or 50, compared to what's needed as you move closer to your 80s and beyond.

Most popular health and eating plans are ideal for those in their 20s, 30s or 40s, but can be anything from unhelpful to downright harmful if you are heading towards or beyond your 70s.

Brain, Body, Food gives you the insights into understanding that and knowing how to adapt your focus to avoid harm and relish life as you age. It is about eating and living to:

- Help your body meet the unique challenges of ageing

- Reduce your dementia risk

- Strengthen your immune system

- Head off preventable physical decline and more.

Ngaire Hobbins - dietitian/nutritionist specialising in ageing and brain health - skilfully presents the latest science in everyday language, to help you enjoy real food and achieve peak body and brain function as you age. In this easily readable book, you will learn:

- Why weight loss is no longer good for you

- About harnessing the power of the gut microbiome to support your brain

- About type 2 and 3 diabetes - how to ward them off or reduce their impacts

- Anti-inflammatory and cell-protective eating

- How physical activity is inextricably linked to nutrition for peak health

- Practical life-enhancing strategies for people living with frailty and/or dementia

- Much, much more.

ISBN: 9780648915409
Publication Date: 11-Oct-2020
Publisher: Ngaire\\Hobbins