A Boy of Good Breeding

Miriam Toews

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Life in the big city just wasn't working out for Knute and her four-year-old daughter, Summer Feelin'. So they've come back home to the prairie backwater of Algren to live with Knute's parents. Before long, the easygoing single mom gets mixed up in Mayor Hosea Funk's scheme for meeting the Prime Minister (whom he believes to be his mysterious cowboy father). All they have to do is ensure that Algren's population stays at an even 1,500, thus winning the contest for smallest town in Canada. But that's no easy task ? what with folks getting married, women having triplets, and the unexpected return of Knute's old boyfriend Max. Miriam Toews is the author of the hit novel A Complicated Kindness (also available from BTC Audiobooks). She lives in Winnipeg. A prairie chick herself, Ruth McIntosh has worked in theatres from Victoria to Toronto and presently lives in Vancouver.

ISBN: 9781582433400
Publication Date: 01-Mar-2006
Publisher: Counterpoint LLC