Black, White and Exempt

Lucinda Aberdeen; Jennifer Jones

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In 1957, Ella Simon of Purfleet mission near Taree, New SouthWales, applied for and was granted a certificate of exemption.Exemption gave her legal freedoms denied to other IndigenousAustralians at that time: she could travel freely, open a bankaccount, and live and work where she wanted. In the eyes of thelaw she became a non-Aboriginal, but in return she could notassociate -with other Aboriginal people - even her own family orcommunity.It 'stank in my nostrils' -- Ella Simon 1978.These personal and often painful histories uncovered in archives,family stories and lived experiences reveal new perspectives onexemption. Black, White and Exempt describes theresourcefulness of those who sought exemption to obtain freedomfrom hardship and oppressive regulation of their lives as Aboriginal Australians. It celebrates their resilience and explores how they negotiated exemption to protect their families and increaseopportunities for them. The book also charts exemptees who struggled to advance Aboriginal rights, resist state control and abolish the exemption system.

ISBN: 9781925302332
Publication Date: 01-Jan-2021
Publisher: Aboriginal Studies Press