Beyond Hope

Deb Ozarko

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We have reached the point no return on planet Earth, where the collective intent for biosphere collapse is manifesting at dizzying speed. From widespread social unrest to aggressive threats of nuclear war, to pollution soiling every inch of the planet (and beyond), to mass animal and plant extinction, global overpopulation, and runaway biosphere decay. Many powerful forces are converging to create unprecedented chaos and breakdown.

In her outspoken way, Deb Ozarko exposes the madness of the cultural conditioning that has separated humanity from the web of life that sustains existence. In raw, yet eloquent detail, she makes it impossible for the reader to dismiss this truth for themselves. The question we are now faced with is, "How do we choose to live in a dying world?"

Many people consider "hope" to be the fuel of possibility. If one doesn't have hope, possibility dies. Beyond Hope debunks this long-standing myth and liberates the reader to choose a more powerful way.

Beyond Hope is a profound act of love. Beyond a simple litany of all that is in collapse, Deb's perspective compels us to awaken to something beyond our abilities to tell stories about what is happening "out there" and begin to turn the formidable power of our attention to what is happening "in here" ... inside, where we live. Inside, where we are already whole, unique and essential to our world. This is where our deepest power lies.

Beyond Hope is not a book of science, philosophy or reason to appease the oppressive intellect. It's a book about letting go. Letting go of the fear of uncertainty. Letting go of false hope for an illusory future. Letting go of the dream for a collective awakening. Letting go of the stories of what may or may not be. Letting go of what once defined meaning. Letting go of the fear of mortality. Letting go of what we've been conditioned to believe ourselves to be. Letting go of our broken, dysfunctional world.

We no longer have the luxury of time to lie to ourselves or each other anymore. We can no longer defer or delay taking a long, hard look at what we have allowed ourselves to become. We can no longer rationalize the irrational, or deny the undeniable. The greatest gift that runaway biosphere decay offers lies in the density and intensity of its press for us to notice how personal it all is. It can be a profound propellant to move us into our own evolution in a non-incremental, non-linear way.

Beyond Hope is written from the Soul, for the Soul. As such, it is profoundly intimate-both in its writing and in its reading. Those who dare to read it, engage it, and act on it, will be transformed.

ISBN: 9780994984555
Publication Date: 24-Mar-2018
Publisher: Deb Ozarko Publishing