Believe in Me

Lucy Neave

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Set between the USA and Australia, Believe In Me focuses on a daughter's attempt to piece together her mother Sarah's early life. We follow Sarah's journey from her home in upstate New York to Idaho, where she is sent to accompany a missionary. When Sarah falls pregnant she is despatched to relatives in Sydney to give birth at a home for unmarried mothers, where she is pressured to give up her baby, Bethany, for adoption. As Bethany learns more about her mother's life, she comes to accept her own history and identity.Believe in Me is about the extent to which the act of imagination may entail distortion and even forms of violence, but is nonetheless necessary and perhaps the only way a person can understand the sins and sufferings of their parents.

ISBN: 9780702263361
Publication Date: 31-Aug-2021
Publisher: University of Queensland Press