Back to Blood

Tom Wolfe

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"As the police boat speeds across Miami s Biscayne Bay, the scene is set for Officer Nestor Camacho s great moment of heroism. Except that in this feverous melting pot of a city, Nestor's one act of heroism can be seen as an utter betrayal of his Cuban roots. As Nestor s world disintegrates his family disowns him, he can t get a Cuban coffee without ugly stares, and his girlfriend Magdalena leaves him for her sex-addiction psychiatrist boss his quest to right the wrongs brings him into contact with the full panorama of modern Miami. The Cuban mayor, a Yale-marinated journalist, the black police chief, a Haitian professor whose ambitions to be French are thwarted by his Creole-spouting son, the clueless baying art-buyers and an Anglo billionaire porn addict all come up for scrutiny in Tom Wolfe s high-energy, scrupulous and hilarious reckoning with our times."

ISBN: 9780099578536
Publication Date: 02-Jul-2013
Publisher: Penguin Random House